How to Play Blackjack – Basic Strategy

How to Play Blackjack - Basic Strategy

The cards are dealt. Your three options are HIT, STAND or DOUBLE. You have a forth option of SPLITTING if you have two of the same value card which we’ll get into later. IMPORTANT: Always assume the dealer’s card that is facing down has a value of ten (10). If you have 16 or less and the dealer shows a 7, 8, 9, or 10 it is good to HIT. If you have 17 or more, you should STAND.

You want to opt to DOUBLE down in certain situations. You will typically put up your original bet in order to get ONE more card. You may also DOUBLE FOR LESS where you can put up any amount less than your original bet. You will DOUBLE when the deck is rich in 10s or in face cards like 10, Jack, Queen, and King. You will only want to DOUBLE A GREAT BIG LOT. For example, you’re banking on getting 3 3’s. It’s a good card but you’re nothing more than an 8 because there are 16 6’s already in the deck. 8 is beatable. Therefore, you should only DOUBLE if you’re counting cards that are going to bust the dealer. You will rarely get the chance to get 3 6’s in a row. Therefore, it makes sense to DOUBLE A GREAT BIG LOT.

Now you will not get rewarded for this until the very end of the game. However, you CAN make things easier for yourself. Instead of counting the cards on the table, stick your card in a money book and look at the near values. The cards will come out in a random fashion and the far values will not be as important. You want to pick a starting point. For instance, you may want to pick a starting point of 3 3’s. That’s it. You’re now starting the game with $3 and you will win $3 each time the cards are dealt out. You may only do this if the starting point is less than or equal to the amount of your bingo bread. Once you reach 3 3’s, drop your money book and artic with the dealer for a five dollar bonus. Keep in mind you must say FIVE DOLLARS when the cards are dealt. You cannot say FOURDOLLARS. Five is a big number that you will more than likely get in card counting.

The good thing about bingo chips is that you can blind them or not with a simple click of a mouse button. Blinding exponentially increases your chances of winning. At this point, you will no longer need to count the cards. In order to win, you must have a BINGO chip in your hand. One will do for now. You can learn card counting skills, like the HiLo Method of card counting. You can learn all this too, but first, you must practice. Start with one deck until you are comfortable with the conditions. You can see all the details of this fantastic method of card counting in the book, ” sqlaccin/poker dont.”

You can learn all of the card counting methods for free. They are all explained in the book. Actually, learning to count cards in blackjack is not for the faint of heart. Most of the information is in the book itself. Also, the book is quite lengthy and not for the faint of heart..It concerns itself mostly with large tournaments, not with a single game. You will also find some very interesting computer simulations of game play and the odds of winning that are far beyond the thinking of most players. I recommend it.

If you want to take on a trip to Las Vegas with a real band sooner than you think, then I recommend “dewabet” to the highest room at the casino. You can practice your blackjack without distractions. You can use your blackjack outs and odds tables. You can take notes on other players. You may even find a blackjack system player in the tournament player who is strong enough to call you to the money. You could practice your game, play, and learn. That’s what we did.

Our last day in Vegas was spent doing press interviews, going to them blogies, and driving around town in really nice cars. This was the end of a week’s worth of turmoil, and we’re all glad it’s over. We arrived home bright and early the next morning. It’d be irresponsible of us to recommend gambling the rest of the vacation, so if you need a little something to take you through the rest of the trip, we’re Your Worst adventure yet.

Till next time,Good luck on your gambling trip.

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