Betting on Rugby Union

Betting on Rugby Union

When betting on rugby union there are a few ground rules to follow if you hope to be successful. It is often the case that teams will change personnel dramatically over the course of the close season. This is especially so in England, and with the coming and going of coaching staff and players, a club’s fortunes can change greatly too.

When it comes to rugby union betting over the course of a season, or on a match-to-match basis, the main key is the ability to assess the team’s strengths. This is the fundamental knowledge that you will require and it is worth taking the time to find out all you can about the team, its individual players and the coaching staff. This knowledge is where the nature of the sport favours the punter. Unlike in football and many other sports, where the formations and line-ups can change, with rugby union the teams line up in the same way and every playing position has a very specific task to perform.

If you have a basic understanding of the game it is enough to realise that each team and every match can be broken down into sections. The team that wins these battles will ultimately win the war and therefore the match. The battle begins with the pack, the big guys up front. If the forwards don’t carry out their job and hold possession, then the game is up and the game often goes out rather quickly. This is why keeping the ball in play is so important. It is also the area of the game where the game can be changed the most. If the forwards turnovers and missed opportunities reduce the opportunities of a team scoring, then the game is in and the away team will almost certainly be expected to score.

In opposition there is one thing of major importance. If a team is very tired, physically and mentally tired, then they will nearly always be viewed as the favourite. By risking a large number of turnovers, and failing to score, they can set themselves up for a strong enough score that will see the away side come out on top. When researching teams it is also worthwhile noting the playing and mental condition of the players. If a team is playing with a injured or fatigued line-up, it will be highly risky to fold in the short term, as the alternative would likely be to simply bleed the clock and allow the opponents to battle it out for longer.

An injury to a key player will often cause a team to go into a tired run. If they are racing well and find themselves short in vital statistic, then they are likely to be less apt to perform when fully fit and in optimal conditions.

The key thing to bear in mind when focussing on rugby union matches, is that every playing position has a role to play and a weakness to exploit. When taking on the All Blacks, it may be wise to back England to win simply on the basis that they will be able to exploit the weaknesses of the hosts. It may be less well known that in rugby union matches the potential draw effect is hugely important. Many teams in rugby league have found themselves more Carlisle United than Celtic, Rangers or justifies Premiership bola88.

With the advent of the internet many teams have been able to stage intimate championships at home and in casinos, often against celebrities and unsavoury opponents. The ability to stage tradeShow 64 fixtures in homes and casinos is a huge development, and means that the potential to bet big on sports betting in New Zealand has never been greater.

The All Blacks have always been sceptical of the possibility of going to Dubai, so it would be invaluable to the tourists in the team if they could stage a rumoured double-header.