Choosing a Poker Training Site

Choosing a Poker Training Site

Online poker training sites have exploded over the last few years. What was once a cottage industry featuring a few small sites with a handful of videos has expanded into a highly competitive arena, with hundreds of sites battling it out for subscribers. With so many training sites to choose from, the process can be overwhelming, especially for newer players. To help simplify things, here’s a simple list of questions you’ll want to ask yourself when comparing training sites. Taking just a few minutes to answer these questions can result in not only saving hundreds of dollars, but also in ensuring that you get the most out of your investment when you do subscribe to a site.

Do I Need a Training Site?

If you’re reading this article, you probably think you have the answer to this question already. Produced by top trainers including Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Chan, David Pham, and Chris Ferguson, these training sites offer an enormous volume of content for players looking to improve fast. Whether your goal is to become a top tournament player, or just to learn to play more effectively, these sites are the perfect way to do so. Search for top training sites, and you’ll quickly see that the ones training players cover a diverse range of hands, betting situations, and game experiences. All of the sites offer software, videos, articles, and blog posts by top experts, so you can learn from the masters themselves.

Are the Videos Worth the Investment?

The benefit to subscribing to a training site online is that you can access video content anytime of the day. Thousands of players use pokertracker software to track your progress in online poker, and a training site can make those hands look pretty! In addition to hand history reviews, you can also subscribe to membership sites that supply you with impossible challenge videos, such as Johnny Chan’s private videos. The reality is that these videos are probably not going to improve your game. If they did, then everyone would be using them. Most of the best pros in the world use such videos to improve their game, and the same is true of most of the weakest members of the poker community. You can generally find these videos on the trainer sites, and the releases are linked in the corresponding section on the main site.

Do I Need a Mentor to Grow My Poker Bankroll?

Successful poker players can tell you that their bankrolls grew simply from playing in the free and freerolls that were their tournaments. They didn’t need any more motivation to win, as it came for free. Players with larger bankrolls can win more money in cash games, and that is the only reason why you should worry if you’re a beginner. Strategy videos are a little harder to find on some sites, but you should be able to find some good ones. If you’re finding it hard to learn to play poker, try watching Doyle Brunson video blogs. He also has a lot of great tips, and you can watch them here at Full Tilt Poker.

So, I’m a beginner and I want to start drinking alcohol and playing online poker?

If you’re a beginner, you definitely need a mentor. First, on-line poker schools are an excellent place to learn the basics of Texas Hold ‘Em. You can watch experts play the game produced by the pros. When you’re done watching, come back to your home and think hard about what you just saw. Yes, the pros are more experienced and know more about the game, but there are a lot of things you still need to learn. At the minimum, you need a basic strategy and some starting hands (keep them simple, depending on your level of play). Once you have those two taken care of, you can start playing real money poker games.

For some people it doesn’t matter what level of play they are on, a home poker room can be just as fun as playing in a casino. In fact, many gamblers will swear by their favorite online poker room, mainly because they can play with friends as much as they want, in addition to having the ability to play for free. When you’re a novice, you certainly need the ability to perform online poker at your level. To start out slowly and gain some experience, you can start out playing for free, or you can try your hand at playing for free in the low limit games. Either way, you should be able to tell after a few games if the method suits you or not.

Just remember that the Internet is a big place. When researching Vegas88 sites, you may want to make sure that the website offers the type of poker game you want to play. While Texas Hold ‘Em remains one of the most popular poker games in the world, you also have a lot of other options available.