Aced Poker Review

Aced Poker Review

Aced Poker Promotions Č Aced Poker is not the oldest online poker room out there, but they have a very large active player base which plays every single day. If you have never played here before then you will be very glad to know that all new players and loyal players are rewarded nicely. The room offers excellent poker games and great promotions and the players are rewarded for the great play.

Aced Poker is currently running the promotions listed below for players.

  1. All new players will receive a match bonus of 100% on their first deposito All players receive a reload bonus which is a 100% bonus to their second deposit

The current promotions at Aced Poker can be found in the promotions section in the room. These promotions have been updated with the new changes that have taken place with the US government and the current promotions available are as follows:

  1. All players receive a deposit bonus of 100% – up to $500o All players receive a reload bonus which is a 100% bonus to their second deposit

If you are a current player at Aced Poker then you will also receive a bonus for a pre-paid card. This bonus is worth $25 when you redeem it from your account. This bonus will be paid to you in US dollars. This is one of the best bonuses that you will find at Aced Poker.

Aced Poker is currently offering a $500 bonus to new players. This bonus is a 100% match bonus up to $500. You can qualify for the bonus by playing required number of hands and Aced Poker requires that you wager at least $0.50 on each hand. This is a great bonus that Aced Poker is offering new players and once you qualify for the bonus you will have unlimited free money to play with on any game you want from Omaha Hi Lo to Texas Hold’em and Badugi.

If you feel that you have not had enough chances to collect a bonus then you can opt for a reload bonus. The reload bonus offered by Aced Poker is worth $100 and it can be obtained no matter what limits you play in. The bonus is a rolling one so you can get it no matter which of the rooms you decide to play at.

In conclusion, Aced Poker is one of the best poker rooms that offer highly skilled players, a variety of poker games and a live dealer. Aced Poker is offering a free $500 sign up bonus so you do not have to deposit your own money if you do not want to, you can play on deposit bonus and not deposit at all. Aced Poker is rewarding its players with four deposit bonuses. Aced Poker is a poker room that could not be recommended highly, but since you can win a lot of poker points from playing in the live poker room, you will be getting a very nice welcome bonus even if you play for free.

Aced Poker is a superb poker room offering good poker games with a wide variety of poker games. This poker room is offering a $500 welcome bonus to new players. You can get a bonus up to $500 within 96 hours of making your first deposit.

Aced Poker Review – Software & Games

Aced Poker offers their software in five different languages. The software plays easily on Windows, but the Mac software is in still development. Mac software is not guaranteed to be user friendly. I had no idea how to use the Mac software so I had to purchase the streamed version of the software.

I downloaded the Aced Poker software and started playing immediately after signing up with a new account. I had few problems during the installation procedure because the installation media was formatted as Windows XP Home and when I tried to copy the files, the download manager would complain that there are some missing files.

I managed to copy the required files and after installation, Aced Poker was running smoothly. You would notice that the lobby is small but it was very easy to manage the lobby and see the action.

Aced Poker offers all the regular poker games, but they have a unique progressive jackpot. This jackpot is won every time the game is played till the time your score is RIKED 20,000 then the game is over and you will receive your payout.

Football Betting Scam Review

Football betting is very popular and as such there are many betting sites where you can bet on football matches. Several legitimate betting sites offer better odds and you can often trade bookmaker’s bonuses and free bets for your football bets. When I reviewed the football betting site, I had no idea what they were talking about, but it turned out to be a very nice profit center.

This football betting scam review has been sponsored by Aced Poker and Money-Bet. If you are a football fan and you have a lot of emotions tied to the game, you can definitely benefit from this piece of VIP research.