Online Poker - How to Profit From Cash Games
Not every hand you raise preflop is profitable. If you raise pocket Q’s preflop and have TT, you are making a passive play. You want a raise on the flop to test the weakness of your hand. If you have raised AA preflop the raise has less strength than if you are limping with 99. […]
Betting on Rugby Union
When betting on rugby union there are a few ground rules to follow if you hope to be successful. It is often the case that teams will change personnel dramatically over the course of the close season. This is especially so in England, and with the coming and going of coaching staff and players, a […]
How to Play Blackjack - Basic Strategy
The cards are dealt. Your three options are HIT, STAND or DOUBLE. You have a forth option of SPLITTING if you have two of the same value card which we’ll get into later. IMPORTANT: Always assume the dealer’s card that is facing down has a value of ten (10). If you have 16 or less […]
What Happened To The Casinos in Copacabana Brazil
In the 1930s in Rio de Janeiro, casinos with live roulette and blackjack games, which at that time were in a different wing of the Casino Internacional, now the imposing Euromillions Palace and Monte Carlo Casino. This is the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean! It still contains the roulette tables from theerion games, with the […]
Poker Daddies - How to Be a Poker Dealer
dealing poker as a career is a definite hobby, but you have to be aware of the fact that it’s not only about what you can get paid, but also what it takes in your life to be a poker dealer. Stirring in thunderstruck relationships, loyalty, pride and an unspoken burden; whether as a farm […]
Bingo - Internet and the Future
In October of 2004, the Network Systems Group presented to the world a paper that had been developed to examine the future of television viewers. At the time, it was expected that some type of deal would be made with Dish Network Systems to provide online gambling services. Little did they know that just five […]
How to IBLE Poker Machines
Fishy Games If you have ever been to a casino, you may find the games there a bit too easy and the ones that are too tricky often are the craps tables. If you would like to have the trickiest charts in the house, these are the best. Craps Players can bet on the outcome […]
How to Play the Lottery
In recent years, going to the casino to play the lottery has become a popular pastime. Some people do this for the excitement of the environment, others do it because they dream of a life of luxury – having their own private island, cushion pillow s years away from the realities – or as a […]
Strategies For Playing Online Poker
Strategies for playing online poker will vary slightly depending on the table you are playing at. Its important to follow the same basic poker strategy throughout whether you are playing a cash game or a tournament. There are several different strategies you can follow when its either cash games or tournaments but I am going […]
What began as the World’s Greatest NBA Betting System has in recent years morphed into what is known as the World’s Greatest Sports Betting Systems. The developers of this sports betting system have taken it to greater heights than even they had envisioned for it when they first began to branch out from NBA games […]