Ciplining Yourself in Online Poker

Ciplining Yourself in Online Poker

If you are just starting out in online poker, then it is obviously very easy to lose a lot of money if you make the wrong calls or are not disciplined. Online poker is much more than just playing poker on the internet, it is a game of skill and a mind game as well. Therefore it is important to motivate yourself to keep going and not lose focus.

It is also important to keep your ego out of the game and out of your way. You are not going to win every hand or every sit and go that you play. In fact you are better off not entering many sit and goes if you are trying to build a good bankroll, because the competition is much easier in them.

Online poker sit and go’s are the same as regular poker poker games that you would find in a casino. The difference is that these games are usuallyexosite of casino games as you will soon see. In addition you are playing with a small amount of money and if you do not win or at least make a profit, then it is time to re-evaluate your sit and go strategy. In sit and go poker you must win many multiple hand situations to earn a lot of money. In games like depo 50 bonus 30, you will only need to finish a hand once to earn a profit. In a sit and go, you can fold 8 or 9 hands to still earn a profit. In order to be profitable in sit and go poker, you will have to be patient and wait for your hand to come in.

Once you get a hand and you have identified the pocket cards that you believe you can weaponize, you are in late position and no one has raised the pot. Here you can either limp in if you have a good hand, or you can make a large bet and steal the pot. If you raise the pot, it will make people fold, but hopefully result in a spin on the turn or river where you will have a made hand.

You don’t want to try steals with very bad hands because it will only result to you losing the pot. You want to only raise with good hands. The idea here is to get as many players in the pot as possible. You will only make money if everyone folds, but no one has raised. If someone has raised, you just want to get rid of the button and try to win the pot before the flop.

To play a sit and go, you will want to be aggressive. No one likes to sit and wait for a very good hand, therefore you will usually see raises and you will not want to get married to a hand unless you have a chance of turning the corner big time. Therefore, you will want to raise with any hands that you play pre-flop to get rid of the button and hopefully if you win the blinds you will be in position to make the money from the flop or the turn. In a heads up situation, you are not looking to survive, you are in position to take the pot before the flop so that you can compete for first place.