Bingo – Internet and the Future

Bingo - Internet and the Future

In October of 2004, the Network Systems Group presented to the world a paper that had been developed to examine the future of television viewers. At the time, it was expected that some type of deal would be made with Dish Network Systems to provide online gambling services. Little did they know that just five months later an agreement would be made with the largest satellite provider in the world to provide the software that would allow the company to be a media provider to the online gambling circuit.

It wasn’t long before online casinos were being referred to as “genies” by some bankruptcy lawyers. The “genie” was quickly replaced with the online casino and by the beginning of 2006 had been issued a bankruptcy protection loan to see some $20 million worth of debt that had been accrued. Little did they know that the online casino and satellite provider were two of the largest players in the media through satellite.

Since the services were working their way across the communist world, the idea of an American online gambling option was a welcome one. However, their should have been the greatest boom to the online casino industry in the United States that never happened. Instead, huge questions were raised over the legality of online gambling and how it should be regulated.

Two pieces of legislation were authored that would eventually lay the foundation for today’s technology and a way for the government to grandchildren of Bittersand vice versa. The first would be theushing piece of legislation known as the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The second would be the Making Access to Online Gaming More Safely Variants of the UIGEA.

The UIGEA was forced through in 2006 as a last minute rider to a Ports bill that was destined to pass. This was pushed through as an attachment to overriding the final bill that was brought to Congress. The purpose of the UIGEA was fairly simple, it tried to make the process of online gambling be harder so that US players would not be able to easily access funds to gamble online. Specifically the UIGEA aimed to stop banks from processing deposits for online gambling companies.

The enforcement of the UIGEA was extremely difficult. The provision of funds to sites that would be used to fund online gambling companies was constantly changed and could not be verified at one time or the other. It was also difficult to enforce since the provision only applied to certain banks. In many cases it was actually impossible to tell if a website was operating from a bank that had stopped taking deposits from online gamblers.

Luckily, there are now many different options for U.S. players to fund their online Dewatogel accounts. The most common is credit cards. When a U.S. player places a deposit of $500 or more the bonus money is automatically added to the card, making the player one of the most funded credit card holders in the world. Many other options include money brokers, wire services and e-wallets.

The payment options available to U.S. players are nearly endless. Obviously cash is the easiest payment option, but options also include card transactions, cheques, e-wallets, wire services, etc. The option to pay by cheque is now quite limited, so options like cheques and money transfer are now more commonly used.

So, options you can use, options you must have. It all depends on the individual and personal situation. In many ways it makes the perfect background for a conversation of, “So, where should I get my lottery ticket?”